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Project developments including updates on workshops, seminars and field work.

Workshop 4 – Coming to UniSA, Adelaide - Date to be confirmed

On 26 June 2015, the researchers and industry partners will meet each other for the fourth time at UniSA  to discuss their challenges and present their latest findings. MC for the day will be John Boland from UniSA.

Participants introduced themselves and their organizations. John Boland, the Project Leader, will gave an overview of the day’s program. Conrad Philipp, (Post doc Research Fellow) will give an update on the project progress.

The Industry and government partners are invited to attend the meeting included the City Councils of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, BlueScope Steel and Hassell. It was again a good opportunity to review milestones and explore the end-user needs anticipated by the various stakeholders.

All interest researcher and colleagues are welcome to join. No workshop fee.
Please confirm the participation and write a message to

All PhD students working on different aspects of urban micro climates will present. Covering the 3 different states with two PhDs from UniSA, one from the University of Melbourne and one from UNSW. As well the external researcher Geoff Smith, Graeme Hopkins and Huade Guam will give a presentation.

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UniSA, Mawson Lakes Campus.