Latest Activities:

Project developments including updates on workshops, seminars and field work.

Workshop 2 – 21 February, UNSW, Sydney

On 21 February, the researchers and industry partners met for the second time at UNSW to discuss their challenges and present their latest findings. Industry and government partners that attended the meeting included the city councils of Sydney and Adelaide, the NSW and SA governments, BlueScope Steel, Hassell and Nursery & Garden Industry Australia (NGIA). It was a good opportunity to review milestones and explore the end-user needs anticipated by the various stakeholders. The meeting helped focus the project for the partners by looking at data not only from the central city districts, but to extend and compare it against data of the surrounding suburb regions.

Five PhD students are now working under the guidance of the project co-ordinator, Dr Conrad Philipp, on different aspects of urban micro climates. Covering the 3 different states with two PhDs from UniSA, two from the University of Melbourne and one from UNSW. They are conducting a review of the international literature on research in urban micro climates.

Overall, the project is well on track and the first academic papers have been published in journals and presented at conferences. During the latest heat waves in February, there was some good general press coverage relating to the projects. With stories run by the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald which highlighted the need for this type of multi-partner collaborative research.


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UCR team members at UNSW along with industry and government partners.