Journal articles

Sharifi E and S Lehmann.: ‘Comparative Analysis of Surface Urban Heat Island Effect in Central Sydney’Journal of Sustainable Development, Vol. 7, No. 3, 2014, p. 23-35. Download Abstract >>

2014 Sharifi, E. and Lehmann, S.: ‘Local measures to mitigate the urban heat island effect in hot and humid climate: comparative case study of Sana’a, Bushehr and Dubai Marina’, in International Journal of Development and Sustainability, Vol. 3, No. 1 (2014), Japan, ISSN2168-8662 (published Feb 2014), pp. 38-54. Download Abstract >>


Sharifi E, A Sivam, J Boland.: ‘Thermal Resilience of Activities in Public Space: Case Study of Adelaide, South Australia’. Download Abstract >>

Journal articles in preparation

2014 Sharifi, E. and Lehmann, S.: ‘Comparative Analysis of surface Urban Heat Island effect of rooftops and Streetscapes in Sydney Central’, in Journal of Urban and Environmental Engineering, ISSN1982-3932 (Accepted for publication):

2014 Lehmann, S.: ‘Low carbon districts: Mitigating the urban heat island with green roof infrastructure’, City, Culture & Society. Elsevier, ISSN1877-9166. Paper accepted for publication in mid-2014:

2014 Philipp, C., Sharifi, E., Lehmann, S., Schmidt, A.: ‘Evaluation of Long Term Influences of Land Use patterns on Land Surface Temperature in Higher Densities: A Multi Scale Analysis of Landsat 7 Data in Sydney, Australia’, to be submitted to Journal of Urban Climate (currently in preparation):

2014 Philipp, C. and Berger, C.: ‘GIS-adapted procedure of LST-estimation from Landsat 7- ETM+ data of Seoul, Republic of Korea‘, in progress, to be submitted to the International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation (currently in preparation):

2014 Philipp, C. and Philipp, G.: ‘Comparison and improvement of LST retrieval methods from Landsat-7 ETM+data‘, in progress, to be submitted to the Remote Sensing of Environment (currently in preparation):

Book chapters

2014 Sharifi, E., Philipp, C. and Lehmann, S.: ‘Comparative Analysis of Surface Urban Heat Island Effect of Rooftops and Streetscapes in Central Sydney’, in Low Carbon Cities (Routledge, London) (book in-press, to be published mid-2014).

2014 Lehmann, S.: ‘Green Districts: Collecting rainwater and generating power, not wasting it’, in: Urban Roof Landscapes (eds. A. Prochazka and C. Seguin, University of Montreal), Laval University Press (Urban Studies Collection), Quebec City, Canada; (in-press, to be published mid-2014):

Publicaions on the research in other media

2013 Article ‘New research launched to combat Oz heat waves’ online at Eco-Business News, Singapore (E. Reyes) on 28 June 2013:

2013 Article in The Fifth Estate (C. Jewell) on 4 July 2013: ‘First-of-a-kind project to tackle urban heat island effect’, Sydney:

2014 Lehmann, S. ‘Green spaces combating urban heat stress’ in The Adelaide Review, Feb. 2014, p.58-59:

High impact newspaper articles

2013 Article on our research project online at CRC for Low Carbon Living blog, Sydney (5 Nov.):

2013 Article on my research on ’202020Vision’ website by Nursery & Garden Industry Australia, NGIA website (launched 7 Nov.):

2014 Interview for article ‘Heat-Island City a Killer’, The Age, Melbourne (17 Jan. 2014) by Jason Dowling, p. 4 (also article: ‘Melbourne City Centre a Death Trap’):

2014 Feature article ‘Treeless suburbs, concrete canyons increase city heat’ in Sydney Morning Herald, Environment section, 09 Feb. 2014 (Leesha McKenny), quoting Paul Osmond and Steffen Lehmann: The same article appears on The Age online.

Radio interviews

2013 Radio interview ‘Urban Micro Climates’ on Radio Adelaide (30 June and 03 July 2013), ‘Keeping Adelaide Cool: interview with Steffen Lehmann’, 13 mins:

2014 Lehmann, S. Live interview CNN International (Atlanta, USA) on ‘Heatwaves: what architects can do’ (17 Jan. 2014)

2014 Lehmann, S. Radio interview 07 Feb. 2014 for Garden Drum (C. Stewart), 20 mins podcast on blog: Full podcast here: lehmann/

2014 More radio coverage ‘Call for more green space to combat urban heat stress’ on my research, on and on Radio 5AA (17 Jan. 2014)

2014 Interview on Radio 3D FM ‘Environment Show’ (Trisha Drioli), Adelaide (04 Feb. 2014)