Assoc. Prof Lu Aye - UCR Key Researcher.

Domain expert in system modelling, simulation and optimisation.


Associate Professor Lu Aye has over 30 years of engineering experience in university teaching, research, development, demonstration and commercialisation of renewable energy technologies. He has direct involvement in the design and thermal performance monitoring of buildings in Australia and Thailand. He recently won two large ARC Linkage grants totalling $1.3M in funding from the ARC and industry partners. He has established an internationally recognised research group, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RE&EE) Group in 2008 at the university. He is currently the leader of the RE&EE Group. He is also the Deputy Theme Leader of Sustainable Systems and Energy at the Melbourne Engineering Research Institute (MERIT).


Selected publications:

Aye, L (in press), ‘Heat Pumps’, Encyclopedia of Environmental Management, ed SE Jorgensen, CRC Press, NY, pp. 1–34.

Tyson, A, George, BA, Aye, L, Nawarathna, B & Malano, H 2012, ‘Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Accounting Framework for Groundwater Use in Agriculture’, Irrigation and Drainage, DOI: 10.1002/ird.1645.

Aye, L, Ngo, T, Crawford, RH, Gammampila, R & Mendis, P 2012, ‘Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Analysis of Prefabricated Reusable Building Modules’, Energy and Buildings, 47: 159–168.

Hes, D, Livesley, S, Jensen, C, Aye, L& Williams, N 2012, ‘Healthy Cities, Climate Change and the Role of High Albedo Surfaces and Green Infrastructure’, paper presented at the 5th Healthy Cities: Working Together to Achieve Liveable Cities Conference, Geelong, 6–8 June.

Livesley, SJ, Aye, L, Hes, D, Dawkins, A, Lhendup, T, Caffin, M& Williams, NS 2011, ‘Trees Provide Energy Saving Benefits to Adjacent Buildings for a Small Water Cost’, Proceedings of State of Australian Cities National Conference 2011, Melbourne, 29 Nov – 2 Dec, pp. 1-8.

Hes, D, Dawkins, A, Jensen, C & Aye, L 2011, ‘A Modelling Method to Assess the Effect of Tree Shading for Building Performance Simulation’, paper presented at Building Simulation 2011, the 12th International Conference of the International Building Performance Simulation Association, Sydney,14–16 November.

Aye, L& Fuller, RJ 2005, ‘The Proposed Heating and Cooling System in the CH2 Building and its Impact on Occupant Productivity’, Australian Journal of Construction Economics & Building, 5(2): 32-39.

Track record:

GCertUni Teaching, University of Melbourne, Australia, 2008

PhD, University of Melbourne, Australia, 1996

MEngSc, University of Melbourne, Australia, 1991

GCertComputing, Rangoon Institute of Computer Science, Burma, 1982

BE (Mechanical), Rangoon Institute of Technology, Burma, 1981