Prof. John Boland - UCR Project Leader.

Domain expert in materials, surfaces and thermodynamics.


Prof John Boland has an extensive background in the application of mathematics to environmental and engineering problems (e.g. mathematical modelling of heat flows in domestic dwellings). He has been on the Management Committee of the ISES Solar World Conference, Adelaide 2001, and Co-Director of the 2010 Australia and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics Conference. Prof Boland is Associate Editor of the highly ranked journal associated with WREC, Renewable Energy, with paper handling duties. He is on the Technical Committee for their biannual conferences, setting the invited speakers and handling the reviewing process. He took up a similar role in the ISES International Conference in Kassel in August 2011 and has recently been named Chair of the Division of Resource Assessment and Climate for ISES, one of five divisions in the society. He has also been recently appointed to the Task 46 committee, Solar Assessment and Forecasting, of the International Energy Agency.


University of South Australia

School of Mathematics  & Statistics

Selected publications:

Jacovides, CP, Boland, J, Rizou, D, Kaltsounides, NA., Theoharatos, GA 2012, ‘School Students Participation in Monitoring Solar Radiation Components: Preliminary Results for UVB and UVA Solar Radiant Fluxes’, Renewable Energy, 39: 367–374.

Boland, J. &Agrawal, M 2011, ‘Ecological Footprinting: What it Means and How to Put the Concept to Best Use’, in Creating Sustainable Communities in a Changing World, ed PEJ Roetman & CB Daniels, Crawford House, Adelaide.

Boland, J 2010, ‘Generation of Synthetic Sequences of Electricity Demand with Applications’, in Uncertainty and Environmental Decision Making,  ed JA Filar & A Haurie, Springer, New York, pp. 275–314.

Lauret, P, Boland, J &Ridley, B 2010, ‘Derivation of a Solar Diffuse Fraction Model in a Bayesian Framework, Case Studies in Business’, Industry and Government Statistics, 3(1): 108–122.

Boland, J, Filar, J &Howlett, P 2010, ‘Environmental Problems, Uncertainty, and Mathematical Modeling’, Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 57(10): 1286–1294.

Ridley, B, Boland, L &Lauret, P 2009, ‘Modelling of Diffuse Solar Fraction with Multiple Predictors’, Renewable Energy, 35(2): 478–483.

Magnano, L, Boland, J. &Hyndman, R 2008, ‘Generation of Synthetic Sequences of Half-Hourly Temperature’, Environmetrics, 19: 818–835.

Boland, J& Ridley, B 2008, ‘Modelling Diffuse Radiation, Recent Advances’ in Solar Radiation Modelling, ed Vr Badescu, Springer, Verlag, pp. 193–220.

Webby, RB, Boland, JW, Howlett, PG, Metcalfe, AV& Sritharan, T 2006, ‘Conditional Value at Risk for Water Management in Lake Burley Griffin’, ANZIAM Journal,  47: C116–C136.

Track record:

PhD, University of Adelaide, Australia, 1996

M Math, University of Waterloo, Canada, 1970

B Math (Hons), University of Waterloo, Canada, 1969