Prof Geoff Smith - UCR Key Researcher

Solar and Building Materials – advisor roofs, facades, instrumentation, simulation


Currently  Emeritus and P/T Professor. Advanced concepts in control and use of solar and thermal radiation using nanoscience, materials and thin films, complex glazing, cool roofs, cool coloured paints, phase change materials, radiative cooling, simulation of building  and urban thermal performance, electrodes in OPV, selective materials for TPV, land use and climate change , low cost instrumentation for use in urban and non- urban thermal studies. Project leader CSIRO Flagship project (2011-2014), ARC DP project (2014-16), Skylight Industry funded project . Ongoing consultancies using our unique lab facilities for solar ,  visible  and thermal data on façade materials for major building  projects.


Selected publications:

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Optimum integration of albedo, sub-roof R-value and phase change material for cool roofs,, JLC Aguilar, AR Gentle GB Smith and  D..Chen, Proceedings 13th Conference of International Building Performance Simulation Association,, Chambéry, France, August 26-28, 2013.