Dr. Ole Fryd - UCR Key Researcher

Domain expert in Water Resilient Green Cities


Ole Fryd is a Lecturer in Urban and Environmental Planning. He holds a PhD from the University of Copenhagen (2011) and a MSc in Urban Design from Aalborg University (2005). His research focuses on the integration of strategic planning, physical urban design and appropriate environmental management praxes with a special emphasis on integrated urban water management.

Ole Fryd has an interdisciplinary and context-based approach to urban environmental challenges and tries to support a better way forward through seminars, publications and projects on the ground. His research focuses on the development of Water Resilient Green Cities as a means to 1) improve urban water supply, drainage and sanitation, 2) reduce flood and drought risks, 3) mitigate the environmental impacts of urbanisation and 4) create more liveable cities. Emphasis is on utilising and mimicking ecological processes in the urban landscape. Ole collaborates with ecologists, engineers, hydrologists, landscape architects and social scientists and is currently engaged with research projects on this topic in Australia, China, Ethiopia, Malawi and Tanzania. Ole is co-author of the book “Sustainable Wastewater Management in Developing Countries” (ASCE Press, 2010). He has published ten papers in international peer-reviewed journals and has an h-index of 4. His professional experience includes positions as researcher, lecturer, planner and consultant in Australia, Denmark, Greenland and Thailand. Prior to joining the University of Melbourne, Ole was an Assistant Professor in Landscape Technology and Urban Planning at the University of Copenhagen.

Email: ole.fryd@unimelb.edu.au

University of Melbourne

Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning

Selected publications:

Backhaus, A. and Fryd, O. (2013). The aesthetic performance of urban landscape-based stormwater management systems: a review of twenty projects in Northern Europe. Journal of Landscape Architecture 8 (2), 52-63.

Fryd, O., Backhaus, A., Birch, H., Fratini, C.F., Ingvertsen, S.T., Jeppesen, J., Panduro, T.E., Roldin, M. and Jensen, M.B. (2013). Water sensitive urban design retrofits in Copenhagen – 40% to the sewer, 60% to the city. Water Science and Technology 67 (9), 1945-1952.

Pauleit, S., Fryd, O., Backhaus, A. and Jensen, M.B. (2013). Green Infrastructure and Climate Change. In: Loftness, V. and Haase, D. (eds.). Sustainable Built Environments, New York: Springer, pp. 224-248.

Backhaus, A. and Fryd, O. (2012). Analyzing the first loop design process for large-scale sustainable urban drainage system retrofits in Copenhagen, Denmark. Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 39 (5), 820-837.

Fryd, O., Dam, T. and Jensen, M.B. (2012). A planning framework for sustainable urban drainage systems. Water Policy 14 (5), 865-886.

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Roldin, M.K., Fryd, O., Jeppesen, J., Mark, O., Binning, P., Mikkelsen, P.S. and Jensen, M.B. (2012). Modelling the impact of soakaway retrofits on combined sewage overflows in a 3 km2 urban catchment in Copenhagen, Denmark. Journal of Hydrology 452-453, 64-75.

Brix, H., Koottatep, T., Fryd, O. and Laugesen, C.H. (2011). The Flower and the Butterfly constructed wetland system at Koh Phi Phi – System design and lessons learned during implementation and operation. Ecological Engineering 37 (7), 729-735.

Fryd, O., Pauleit, S. and Bühler, O. (2011). The role of urban green space and trees in relation to climate change. CAB Reviews 6 (53), 1-18.

Fryd, O., Jensen, M.B., Ingvertsen, S.T., Jeppesen, J. and Magid, J. (2010). Doing the First Loop of Planning for Sustainable Urban Drainage System Retrofits – a Case Study from Odense, Denmark. Urban Water Journal 7 (6), 367-378.

Laugesen, C.H., Fryd, O., Koottatep, T. and Brix, H. (2010). Sustainable Wastewater Management in Developing Countries: New Paradigms and Case Studies from the Field. Reston, VA: ASCE Press.

Lehmann, M. and Fryd, O. (2008). Urban quality development and management: Capacity development and continued education for the sustainable city. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education 9 (1), 21-38.

Details about the Africa project can be seen here: www.watergreenafrica.dk <http://www.watergreenafrica.dk

Track record:

PhD, University of Copenhagen (2011)

MSc, Aalborg University (2005).