Dr Dominique Hes - UCR Key Researcher

Domain expert in sustainable design and heat island mitigation.


Dr Hes received a science degree from Melbourne University and followed this with a graduate diploma in Cleaner Production and a Doctorate in 2005 at RMIT University, Melbourne. The thesis investigates her practice in supporting the integration of sustainability in building projects. Her research interests are identifying and filling the knowledge gaps in sustainability practice and application in the built environment. The mitigation of the unrban heat island effect using urban greenery and the multiple benefits that greenery can provide is the kind of synergistic opportunities she is interested in researching.


She has carried out research on Victorian residential projects such as the Commonwealth Games Village and Aurora; commercial projects such as Melbourne City Council’s Council House 2 and local government projects such as Reservoir Civic Centre. Her most successful publication is the ESD Design Guide for Australian Government Buildings, which is in its third edition, she has written a companion guide called ESD Operations Guide for Owners, Managers and Tenants, published in 2009.  She has a book, Designing for Hope: Pathways to regenerative sustainability coming out in November.

Email: dhes@unimelb.edu.au

Selected publications: